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good evening, everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. that hearing today comes less than two weeks after the securities and exchange commission accused goldman sachs of fraud. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on this story. >> this hearing has to have set a record for profanity and cursing not because it got so emotional but because senators angry at goldman sachs kept reading back and continuing at this hour to read back profanity-laced e-mails. if you are a student of congress write down this date and this hearing. you have never heard language like this. but the senators were disappointed. they wanted the goldman guys to come up here today and confess to wrongdoing and apologize. and they didn't. four top goldman sachs bankers went to the senate hot seat and denied wrongdoing. >> we do not cause the financial crisis. >> i don't have regrets about doing things improper. >> no regrets. you ought to have plenty of regrets. >> reporter: the government is suing goldman for selling
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mortgage securities while secretly betting the housing market would crash. betting right, making billions and alleged scam run by fabrice tourre who denied fraud. >> as i have been the target of unfounded attacks on my character. >> reporter: senators of both parties launched attacks quoting profanity-laced goldman e-mails. >> you knew it was a -- deal. that's what your e-mails show. >> goldman executives celebrating the collapse of the housing market. >> reporter: shouldn't the bankers have warned their clients the bubble was bursting? >> i do not believe we were acting as investment adviser of our clients. >> responsible to tell them what your positions are? >> no. i do not think that we did anything wrong. >> reporter: senators weren't buying. >> you think it is so complicate sxtd think you are so smart? you are playing in the market and mucking it up. >> reporter: present tense. lawmakers say the system hasn't changed. present tense again this hearing
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is going on right now and the top the guy at goldman sacks ceo and chairman and repeating what his former underlings said which is that goldman can sell to one group of people one security and even if the company itself is betting that that security is going to lose money and that he said that it continues today. senators hope to use the goldman sachs story to push so-called thin reg, democrats' version, of tougher regulations on wall street. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. jim, doreen, back to you. >> thanks, steve. a developing story from capitol hill tonight. a new effort to repeal the district's gun laws. arizona republican john mccain and montana democrat john tester are the primary sponsors of that bill among other things, the bill would repeal the city's ban on semi automatic weapons. it would also allow gun owners in the district to store loaded weapons in their homes or
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offices. if the bill passed it would repeal registration requirements. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton says she will fighting the bill. you may remember the movie "crocodile dundee" where the star is mug order the street by a guy that pull as knife and he pulls one three times larger and says "that's not a knife, this is a knife." something like that happened today at a jewelry store in kensington where a couple of guys fwhen with bibi guns and the owner told a -- pull ad real pistol. pat collins has our story. >> reporter: jim, the robber was young. but no match, no match for this jewelry store owner. even though he is 76 years old and even though he has heart problems and other medical issues. you see, the jewelry store owner had a real gun with real bullets. the robbers, a bibi pistol. it happened 'round 2:00 this
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afternoon. at the jewelry boutique in this alcove off of antique road in kensington. police say two robbers come into the store, rough up the owner, and hit him on the head. the owner is 76 years old. he's had this shop for more than 30 years. the robbers, they were armed with -- bibi pistol. the owner, he had a real gun with real bullets and starts firing shots and wounds at least one of the suspects. he had a real gun. the shop owner won. >> yes, sir, he did. >> reporter: did he chase them out of the store? >> he did, sir. >> reporter: firing shots as they went n. >> i don't know if he went that far but during the physical struggle he discharged his weapon. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> one for the good guys. >> reporter: the suspects last seen running across the railroad
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tracks and getting into a red car with a getaway driver. back at the scene, hector, the brother of in a jewelry store owner. >> i only wish i was here. i feel guilty because i -- i don't go -- i don't come to the store with him. >> reporter: reaction now from some of the other mur chants here on antique row. >> this is the first time here. this is, you know, antique. antique, did area. no problems. no troubles. >> reporter: even for something like this? >> yes. you know. >> reporter: what do you make of in? >> well, jewelry, you know, i think is the target where the money is. >> reporter: the jewelry store owner has a head injury. they say he is expected to be okay. the robbers didn't get any jewelry. they didn't get any money but did make off with one of the store owners' guns. one of the real ones. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat.
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out of prince george's county, the police are investigating a serious accident involving three vehicles that happened in bowie, maryland. the police say it started as a head-on collision just after 4:00 this afternoon near i-97 and grayson lane. firefighters had to cut two adults from the vehicles. they both were flown to area hospitals for treatment. several others were also injured. police say that one of the southbound lanes on i-97 is now open in that area. earlier in the county, a school bus for the kids snagged low-lying telephones lines, got tangled up. it happened at college park -- in college park near route 1 in guilford road. and the officials say that 40 kids were on the bus and none of them was injured. the students and the driver did have to wait on that bus for the crews to show up to move those lines. law enforce many officials are questioning a man who caused a flight from paris to be diverted this afternoon. delta flight 273 was headed for
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atlanta but landed in bangor, maine, instead. u.s. officials say an american man on the flight claimed to have fake passport and explosive in his luggage. federal air marshals above the plane took him into custody and no word on whether explosives were actually onboard the plane. federal officials say that they believe the -- believe the man's passport is authentic. thousands of transit workers from all over the country gathered in a park near capitol hill this afternoon. they were there to call for more government funding of mass transit. they say too many transit systems are struggling financially and they are at risk of laying off the workers. the american public transportation association says that 60% of transit systems raised fares or cut service since the beginning of last year. reverend jackson joined the workers and their cause. he said funding public transit is a crucial part in growing the nation's green economy. people with disabilities say lawmakers overlooked them when
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they passed the historic health care reform legislation. more than 300 disabled protesters made their way up pennsylvania avenue this morning. they stopped at the washington hilton hotel because house speaker nancy pelosi was there speaking at a conference. the activists are part of adapt, national grassroots disabilities rights organization. >> people dying in nursing home. we want people to stay in their own home and get the services and supports they need. the good right now states have to pay for nursing home care for poem who qualify as disabled. protester space some of that money should go towards in-home care. they want speaker nancy pelosi to support the community choice act. hundreds of high-paying jobs are coming to virginia thanks to a deal worked out between the state and a huge defense contractor. governor bob mcdonnell announced the plan for northrup grumman to move its headquarters here.
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>> reporter: northrup grumman plans to open its new headquarters in the summer of 2011 in arlington or fair view park area, fairfax county, near falls church. exact location will be revealed in about the next 30 days but the big news it was delivered today at a news conference in rosslyn. >> thanks so much. >> just as -- >> reporter: governor mcdonnell presented northrup grumman's ceo p virginia stock to celebrate news one of the world's largest defense contractors would move its corporate head quarters from california to northern virginia. northrup grumman chose virginia after a competition with maryland and the district. >> it was difficult to come down to our final selection. but in that final selection, northern virginia was the winner. >> reporter: economic considerations and available real estate were deciding factors. virginia also offered $12 million and $15 million in incentives to lure the company.
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northrop grumman is the fourth fortune 500 company to relocate to northern virginia in four years, volkswagen, hilton. real estate analysts say virginia keeps winning the corporate sweepstakes race because it is cheaper to do business there. >> virginia is -- more business friendly than maryland. taxes are lower. incentives are greater. >> reporter: in the case of northrop grumman locating near the pentagon, main client, was likely the dominant consideration. northrop grumman already has 30,000 employees in the commonwealth and 11,000 in maryland. the move adds 300 high-paying positions. the governor says that the grayest payoff will come if other companies follow northrop grumman's lead. >> we believe there will be a number of other businesses, trading partners, business allies and clients can, others that just say look, north rop grumman went there and we need to take a good look at virginia. there are a number of intangible
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benefits to have in northrop grumman. governor mcdonnell believes virginia's very many will also pay off. he estimates the quell will recoup $30 million over the next ten years through those new jobs and other business opportunities that come its way because of northrop grumman. julie carey, back to you. in the district, former aide to d.c. councilman jim graham pleaded not gety to bribery charges today. ted losa is charged with taking money and services in exchange for pushing laws favorable to the taxi cabin industry. prosecutors say that he accepted more $30,000 in cash, trips, limousine rides and meals. councilman graham denies any wrongdoing and says he is cooperating with the authorities. law enforcement authorities told "the washington post" that graham is not a target of their investigation. coming up tonight, dramatic rescue caught on tape.
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tee teenager drove his truck off a cliff. >> gathering to remember civil rights activist dorothy height. >> man convicted of murder released from jail by accident. authorities are trying to figure out how that happened. >> police say a leak involving apple's new iphone started because of a mistake at a bar. >> how about the weather? >> frosty night for some under a full moon. nice warmup by we can's end. >> coming up, win or go home for the capitals. jason campbell's former teammate and friends showing their support at a charity golf tournament. "news4 at 6:00" continues.
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teenager in california who spent two nights trapped in the wreckage of his trucking is recovering from his injuries tonight. his name is michael davis. i'm sorry. mitchell davis, 19 years old. he crashed that truck while driving near bakersfield, california, over the week. he rolled down a steam embankment and was trapped in the cab of the truck. couldn't get out. yesterday his stepfather and a friend found him and then called rescuers. davis suffered a broken arm and a clavicle. but is expected to be okay. police in northern california are trying to find two who carried an atm out of a hotel lobby on a moving dolly. surveillance video captured the whole thing at the crown plaza hotel in garden grove, california. police say that the suspect showed up at the hotel just
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before 5:00 yesterday morning. they pushed two-wheeled hand dolly with a moving blanket into the lobby, loaded the machine on to it, and walked right on out. police say that the machine had about $15,000 in it. >> a man was convicted of murder is on the run after -- in shelby county, tennessee, after somebody mistakenly let him go. 19-year-old darren stokes was sentenced to life in prison last year but because of an error off -- office error he was released last week. stokes' lawyer said the state recently dropped a separate charge against his client. he believes the officers didn't know stokes was serving a life sentence. the county sheriff says he will discipline those responsible. turning to the economy now. today president obama is expressing hope consumer confidence is up and ford is benefiting from a rebound in auto sales. but for the most part, home prices and jobs remain lukewarm. brian mooar reports from capitol
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hill. >> reporter: a huge first quarter for ford is i encouraging news for the economy. americans are putting their money where their confidence is. >> clearly, we are on a very good trajectory for profit growth. >> reporter: latest numbers are the highest since the economic crisis began. gm is pumping nearly $900 million into five plants. and that's insuring 1600 jobs. not all of the signs are positive. home prices in 20 big u.s. cities are up, modestly, but still 30% below their 2006 peak. >> economy is probably moving along maybe 2%, if we are really lucky, 3%. certainly better than shrinking but this is going to take a very long time to make up for all of the jobs we lost in the downturn. >> reporter: after touring a wind turbine blade plant in iowa, president obama sounded upbeat. >> our economy is finally
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growing again. our markets are climbing and our businesses are beginning to create jobs again. >> reporter: with job growth still sputtering, acknowledged that there is a lot more work ahead. new national business survey suggests employers are feeling better about the economy and many say that they are ready to start hiring again. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> the president is on a two-day trip to the midwest. goal of convincing voters that his economic policies are working despite the continuing high unemployment numbers. jury deliberations have begun in a case of a man in tennessee who is charged with hacking into sarah palin's e-mail account. his name is david kernel, 22 years old and accused him of breaking into palin's e-mails while she was the republican candidate for vice president in 2008. he said that it was a prank. prosecutors say he was trying to derail her campaign. the man is facing fraud and
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identity theft charges. if jurors glib rated for six hours without reaching a verdict today. they will go at it again tomorrow. he's facing up to 50 years in prison if convicted on all of the charges whfrmgts "news4 at 6:00" continues, college in our area will offer a new class that starts at midnight. governor of maryland is kicking off re-election campaign today. whirlwind three-day tour of th
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clouds and shine out there. >> i just stepped outside. snuck outside the back door. >> what's the good word? >> the good word is it is bright enough out there. we have gotten the clouds on and off today. chilly because of the wind still blowing. let's take a look and see what's going on across the area because we do again have skies that will -- we have gone from sunshine to getting some cloud cover and now back to sunshine. so -- back to the dry air moving in. and with the clear, mostly clear night we are going to have. temperatures will drop to the mid and upper 30s across the area. let's take a look at the low temperature for today. only 55 degrees, tonight drop another ten, down to 45. the high today is 65 degrees. the average day of the last frost for d.c. is april 23rd.
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we are already past that. late frost for us but a warmup before the weekends. 61 is the temperature now. dew point sat 32 degree was roletive humidity at 33% to go with that. the wind, again, it is still blowing out there. north-northwest. 20 miles per hour. here's a look at locally the frost advisories. they extend from hartford county, maryland, through baltimore, howard, montgomery, dloun, fauquier county, down into virginia. and right through areas of orange county. and mainly north and west of the district. then the light blue, freeze watch for some of the higher spots of p pennsylvania and over into west virginia, ohio as well as michigan. again here those light blue, that's where temperatures are going to drop down to the low and mid 30s. for us mid 30s to upper 30s across the area. so while this storm system from yesterday is gone, it is still really affecting our area because it is the dry air and the cold air that's wrapping
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around on the back side of this system. still some clouds laid out over areas of west virginia. and central virginia right now, ken has the showers and the showers are south right now of roanoke in richmond. that's where the front is and another low-pressure system hanging back around eastern kentucky. that's what's going to be coming through our area tomorrow. all right. further up to the north, believe it or not, talked about the cold air coming in. cold enough for snow. new york, vermont, new hampshire. you can see the snow from watertown just north of saratoga springs and high spots of vermont. so -- again, that's -- gives you an indication of just how cold that air is. all right. there's the last of the storms that are going to be coming through, low pressure system tomorrow. we will have a mixture of clouds ask shine. high pleasure is thursday and friday. lots of sunshine across the area, too. and then this next storm system, pacific northwest, that can be the next storm that produces severe weather across the plains and across the tennessee valley. here's what will be happening.
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things will be heating up again over the nation's midsection. 60s now. 70-degree temperatures in dallas, texas. not a lot of heat yet. again, it is a system that heads east will be getting more -- juice in it. gulf of mexico moisture, if you will. strong and jet stream upper level winds. automatic kind of acting together. thursday and friday, severe weather. and for us saturday night and sunday, time period to watch. so clearing skies tomorrow morning. sunshine. clouds wrapping back in. and then by the time we get to, yes, thursday, even more sunshine through the area. so here's the cold for later tonight. chicago to cincinnati, northern areas of tennessee. and right across our area here. so it is a chill by tomorrow morning. for your evening, still breezy, temperature will be dropping from 60 to 5 degrees. by morning, jacket for sure. you will need. and even by the afternoon tomorrow, it is going to be just as mild or not so mild as it was today. again, only six for today.
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tomorrow between 60 and 65 degrees. 78 degrees for thursday. 83, warming trend. 80s on friday. if you like it nice and warm corks have storms coming in late saturday night and then again sunday afternoon. but not widespread severe weather like this past weekend. so -- quiet week. >> quiet is good. >> we welcome it. thank you, veronica. coming up in our next half hour of six circumstances, city leaders and area residents gathered to pay their respects to dr. dorothy height. >> politicians are teaming up with the former "american idol" winner to deal with the problem of texting while driving. >> exterminators try to remove honeybees that have taken over a home. capitals will be without one of their top defensemen in game seven. trying away to beat jaroslav halak. do or die.
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mourners are gather thing evening to celebrate the life of civil rights champion dr. dorothy height. that's our top story tonight at 6:30. dr. height passed away last week at the age of 98. now people are coming together to remember her life and her legacy. >> there is a public viewing under way right now at the national council of negro women in northwest washington. dr. height was the longtime head of that organization.
6:30 pm
tom sherwood joins us now from northwest with more. >> reporter: dorothy height was pioneer of the civil rights and women's movement. here on pennsylvania avenue and people are lined up to say thank you and good-bye. people lined up hours before the doors opened ready to pay their respect to dorothy height. gloria jackson, temple hills, maryland, said she will tell her granddaughter of the famous lady that devoted her life to civil and women's rights. >> what a fine example she is to follow. about enindication. jackson family. >> reporter: in the late afternoon along pennsylvania avenue, dorothy height made one last visit to the national council of negro women. a group she led 40 years. >> we are returning to dorothy height, to her capitol. the only building that stands between the capitol and the
6:31 pm
white house that's owned by black women. >> reporter: as members of the public waited for a viewing many famous and ordinary citizens recalled height's impact on decades of work for civil rights and women's rights. >> she was not one to scream or holler. she was a very gentlelady but she was a very tough lady. she understood the work that needed to -- to be done. >> reporter: photographer oliver johnson was here. proudly holding the photo he took of dorothy height last fall. >> legacy for the nation. we honor her and think of her -- thank her for her service and we wish her godspeed. >> reporter: in this public service here will be continuing until 10:00 p.m. tonight. jim and doreen, back to you. >> already. tom sherwood reporting. thank you, tom. almost half of the washington area's more than 17,000 residents with aids live in the suburbs. new study that finds local
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governments are trailing the city and in efforts to slow the spread of the disease. that study found about 46% of the area's aids patients lived outside the district. another 13,000 are had iv-positive. researchers say local governments need to do more by improving sex education, testing, clinics, and caring for the sick. "american idol's" jordan sparks brought her star power to capitol hill today. she was in town to raise awareness about the dangers of texting while driving. sparks was joined by transportation secretary ray lahood at union station. together they and teenagers throughout the country to pledge not to text while they are driving. in 2008, 6,000 people were killed in crashes because of distracted drivers. 23 states, including maryland and the district of lump yeah, currently ban texting while driving. right now maryland governor
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o'malley is rallying with supporters in rockville. part of a number of statewide appearances as he kicks off his bid for re-election. his likely opponent will be former governor bob ehrlich who he beat in 2006. earlier o'malley was courting votes in prince george's county, chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: governor o'malley said he had to make difficult decisions but as a result, maryland is weathering the recession better than some other states. far too many family owned businesses are struggling not just to make their bottom line simply to keep their doors open. and we believe that we we do better. we believe that now more than ever maryland needs a governor who is on our side. >> reporter: prince george's county's voter enrollment is heavily democrat. but this year, some voters may be putting party labels aside. >> hoping to hear that whatever individuals have to say and then i decide on voting day. >> reporter: so it is --
6:34 pm
undecide. >> yes. >> reporter: are you confident that -- governor o'malley can win prince george's? how important will it be? >> very important. two, i'm not sure he will win. i don't think bob ehrlich has anything to offer that he hasn't tried offering four years ago. >> bob ehrlich says that heave not surprised northrup grumman chose to relocate in virginia rather than idea maryland. he says he wants to make maryland competitive with virginia. >> you mo what, our state created more jobs in march than any other state in the union. we are a state that has an innovation economy and economy that's always creating jobs. we try to go after every opportunity and don't always succeed. we always try to go after every opportunity. we fight to bring jobs here every way we can. >> reporter: governor o'malley challenged ehrlich to debate. ehrlich says he's looking forward to a vigorous exchange of ideas. who has the vision to revitalize the economy, lower maryland's tax burden, and fix the budget
6:35 pm
mess in annapolis. chris gordon, news4. >> governor o'malley and ehrlich face competition in their party's primaries. if they both win it will set up a race closely watched across the country. if you have been to college you know what it is to pull an all-nighter studying for a class the next day. but now some students in maryland will have to pull one just to attend class. the anne arundel community college will begin offering a psychology class that starts at midnight and runs to 3:00 a.m. it is an effort to ease the overflow of some of the introductory courses. enrollment is up 17% this year. college named a class, of course, midnight madness. >> when "news4 at 6:00" continues, some pentagon commanders say no to power point presentations. some are banning the program awling to. president obama will deliver a commencement address at a high school graduation ceremony. the public will get to decide at which school he will speak.
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in houston, texas, it took them hours to remove a massive swarm of bees from this house. there were so many that even the exterminators were shocked. they think the bees have been in
6:39 pm
that house for nearly 20 years. the house is abandoned. there were eight full hives in there. the person who owns the house needed the bees removed because he's planning to tear it down. and nobody is going near that to do anything with a hammer or shovel or anything else until the bos are gone. >> don't you wonder who took the pictures? that person was right in -- the bee remover guy. >> unless it was a long lens. >> another check on our weather forecast, veronica. >> absolutely. i have a long lens today because i'm going show you, hey, these are the clouds outside. let me show you the latest satellite. the first image from the -- first infrared image from that particular satellite. see if you can find the clouds over us. and a big system there. pacific northwest. you can see that in the upper left-hand portion of your screen. that's the one that will come east and could bring in severe weather into the plains and
6:40 pm
tennessee valley the next few days. 56 in rockville. you started it at 51 degrees. you will drop to the low 40s tonight. and there is a look at the clouds moving through the area and clearing out, too. so while it is 61 degrees now, we will drop to 53 this evening. still on the breezy side. winds will continue to drop by tomorrow morning. and 42 and then we will see temperature rise to the 70s by thursday. so -- tomorrow's high, low to mid 60s and thursday, low to mid 70s. then close to 85 degrees for saturday with a chance for storms during the overnight period. jim and door seen all right, thanks, veronica. the first undersea tunnel in china opened up to traffic this week. tunnel connect it is island. there's almost four miles of the tunnel that's underwater. it is expected to cut the average travel time from an hour to just nine minutes. it cost almost $470 million and took five years to build.
6:41 pm
a big vansz in the use of electric vehicles for commercial use. seems to be happening. a new taxi service in japan features electric cabs with batteries that can be easily swapped in and out keeping the cabs on the roads. service is in cooperation with the u.s. venture firm called better place. the firm says it only takes a minute and a half to switch depleted battery with fully charged one meaning the vehicle doesn't have to sit idle while it recharges. there are three tackies using the new service in tokyo. there is a growing backlash at the pentagon against power point presentations. power point, of course, is the microsoft office program that the generates slides with pictures charts, graphs, bullet points and used in many business settings to break down complex information. according to a report in "the new york times," power point use at military briefings has become a near obsession. so much so that has become a running joke at the pentagon.
6:42 pm
general mcchrystal is the leader of american and nato forces in afghanistan. he was shown a power point slide last summer that was meant to portray complexity of american military strategy in afghanistan. the chart had so many lines and arrows on it that it looked like a bowl of spaghetti. general mcchrystal said, in his words, when we understand that slide, we will have won the war. the public label to decide which high school gets the commander in chief as the commencement speaker this year. it is part of the white house race to the top challenge. president obama said in a lee will speak at the school that can best demonstrate how it is preparing more students to graduate from college. the ultimate goal is for the u.s. to have the world's highest proportion of college graduates by 2020. six schools in the running to get the president to come to their grad sxwags none is in this area. anyone can review the schools
6:43 pm
and vote at final winner will be picked may 4th. already. sports. >> i will tell you what. i was watching the game last night. she's like what is going on up there? >> that's what we all said. >> it is like they -- imposters. they are not the cast we have known all season. game seven. best words in sports, go time for caps. pollin family agreeses to sell the wizards to ted leonsis. "news4 at 6:00" continues.
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here's the deal. we don't have to worry about that. there's no way in the world that
6:46 pm
we can play again that two nights in a row. zone unlike anything, you know, any of us -- he can't do that twice in a row. >> we have to hope anyway. >> 53 or 54. 90 of 92. he can't continue the hot streak. >> he's done. he's done there. >> pins sticking in the doll. >> voodoo. they will have the beat him without one of the best players. capitals top defensemen tom poti will miss game seven. poti got hit in the eye last night and will have surgery. expected to miss two to three weeks. today the team called up carl early on as a possible replacement. here it is. game seven, two best words in sports but for the caps, they are really like the worst. series wasn't supposed to go to seven games. the caps weren't supposed to give up a 3-1 series lead but they did. game seven in d.c. tomorrow night. 7:00. last night game six, rough night
6:47 pm
for semyon varlamov. bergeron gets the puck. check it out. gets deflected. shoots and scores. beats varlamov. montreal was going nuts. less than two minutes later off the face-off, scores again. just like that. montreal 2-0. they 00 won at home the last six playoff games. just kind of lighting a fire here. early third period caps trail 2-1. montreal, lapierre, top of your screen, 3-0. it was pretty much over at that point. but the real story was montreal goaltender jaroslav halak. caps on the power play. struggling all night on the power play. here they are. accident eyed once again. i just said holy halak when he did this. beat the capitals 4-1 to force a decisive game seven in d.c.
6:48 pm
>> he stood on the sideline, bottom line. wants anything -- we didn't do, we threw everything at him and he just -- stole the game. >> i thought we played our best game of the series. you know, we attacked. shot pucks from everywhere. there was than much more we could do in that game. obviously that goalie played tremendous. but for us i think we have to come with the same effort and same attitude. and hopefully we can score more goals. >> obviously if you -- stops 54 shots tomorrow, good chance montreal will win. >> what do you make of that? what do you make of that? >> quite appropriate. and cool. >> next question? what else do you want to know? >> they have to beat him. no rhyme or reason. they have to find way. if he does that again, there's your answer. >> i think -- keep it simple. notice that? >> tells it like it is. >> do that again,er with out of here. >> we hope not.
6:49 pm
right? halak stopped 90 of 92 shots in two games. only player who put a puck past halak last night was eric fehr. today the subject of our caps cafesoff. face-off. >> i'm eric fehr, number 16. toughest guy on the team john erskin. he plays physical and a good player. one of the toughest guys. i love listening to country music. i have -- all kinds of favorites. guys on our team don't really like it but trying to bring it into them slowly. if i go to keep the stanley cup for day i would be doing all kinds of stuff witness. i don't want to think about it too much. gets me too excited. something looking forward with my teammates stirring the positive. i like to -- get guys mad at each other and try to cause trouble. it is something i like to have
6:50 pm
fun with. >> i have to ask you guys, what would you do if you had the stanley cup for a day? >> i'm wondering maybe we shouldn't ask that. >> i like lindsay's idea. >> what? >> how many cans of beer in it? >> how many cans of beer can you get in there? >> i would put the fancy champagne stuff in it, moet. the next morning i would eat cinnamon captain crunch good you are weird, man. >> cereal in there. come on. all right. moving on. family of late wizards owner abe pomin is selling it to ted leonsis. more than $550 million. now, during the wizards season finale two weeks ago abe's wife and two sons thanked the fans for their support and a chance to say farewell while they still
6:51 pm
owned the team. abe pollin passed away at the age of 85 in november. longest tenured owner in the nba. ted leonsis will be the majority owner of three d.c. teams. wizards, mystics, capitals. pollin family released this statement today. we are announcing today we reached an agreement on the major economic terms to sell our family's share of the washington wizards, verizon center and related washington sports businesses to ted leonis and his partners at lincoln holdings. join our mother irene, sole principle owner of the franchise today, congratulating ted leonsis and his lincoln holding partners, all three of us look forward to them enjoying many years of success on the court and in the community with this wonderful franchise. former redskins quarterback jason campbell now set to begin a new chapter in his career with the oakland raiders. a chance for stability and prove himself as a leader. he admitted it was difficult to leave his friends and teammates. yesterday those friends helped out. lending their support at the
6:52 pm
golf tournament that benefited leukemia and lymphoma society. campbell's former teammates, chris cooley and jason camel bell carried on the society golf tournament where jason had been scheduled to host campbell couldn't be there because of the trade but played a big role in the community while he was with the redskins and his teammates wanted to be there to show their support. even the guy who replaced him. donovan mcnabb. >> last couple of years, we had -- had a big turnout. i wanted to come and support him. he is a friend of mine. we have a situation that's ahead of us. happy for him. given that opportunity to go to oakland and become a star. in a situation like this, you have to be able to provide that support. >> i'm excited for jason. i know that's what he wanted and there was a limited number of teams for him to go to. oakland obviously being a big possibility. and i think he's happy about his chance go there and play for them. and have the chance to be a
6:53 pm
starting quarterback. obviously wash was than the best situation for him. >> guy that handles himself with such class, put the time in and worked hard and it is hard. and you want to see him have success and wish him the best of luck. >> the guy th takes it -- get to play with him for four years and get to know him as a person, family man, what he does in the community. it is hard to see him go and in -- i mean -- i wouldn't want to trade him for the world. that's what we signed up for. >> classy move by all those guys. especially donovan mcnabb to be there and show their support. you know jason, classy guy. involved in the community while he was here. >> i hope he can get someplace and get to work under one system two, three years and let himself develop and get comfortable with an offensive line keep him from getting killed. i think we might see something. >> i agree. when "news4 at 6:00" continues, the police say a leak involving the new iphone started because of a mistake at a bar.
6:54 pm
>> ski resort with one of the longest winners i
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
online gadget blogger is under investigation in california. the police there are trying to determine if the blogger broke the law by revealing what appears to be apple's next generation iphone.
6:57 pm
the updated iphone was not supposed to be rolled out until june. until a prototype was lost and then sold. michelle franzen has our report. >> the back is flush. no more roundedness. >> when blogger jason chen revealed details of what appears to be apple's latest iphone on the website. >> two volume buttons are now separated. >> reporter: quickly upset the apple cart of the computer giant and landed in the middle of a criminal investigation. over the weekend, police obtained the felony search warn and raided chen's california home. investigators seized chen's computer hard drive, digital cameras, cell phones, american people express bill, and copies of checks. possible evidence, police say, to determine if chen broke the law. >> i have no comb. i would refer you to my lawyer and -- statement i made on the website. >> reporter: chen and the website say that apple's prototype iphone was
6:58 pm
accidentally left at this bar about ten miles from apple's headquarters. it purchased the prototype from someone for $5,000. >> everything published is accurate. on our site, yes. >> reporter: apple's ceo steve jobs does the honors of rolling out top secret products like the recently leased ipad. tech experts say apple has some of the toughest confidentiality agreements and wants to find out if its newest product was accidently lost or sold illegally. >> apple, steve jobs, probably fuming that this happened. mine, you can't imagine a ceo that's more upset the day he sees this come out on a blog. >> reporter: online scoop bugging apple to its core. michelle fran accidezen, nbc ne >> latest story on the weather. >> a look outside with skies continuing to clear. temperatures will be dropping a little faster now. especially once the sun sets, 61. cleveland park, petworth, silver
6:59 pm
spring. 58 and that's the cool spot. shady side. we have the frost advisories that continue to frost for the azalea bushes tomorrow. and -- up north, montgomery county, loudoun, fauquier county. locations north and west, 46 to 42. sunshine early tomorrow morning. we will see a high tomorrow in the 60s again. siberia for the geographically challenged is part of russia. and up there they have one of the longest winters in the world. spring has come in siberia. they decided to end the season with one competition. melted snow at the end of the ski slope. dozens of skiers and snowboarders took a run at it. for some of them getting into the pool looked a lot easier than getting out of it. some skiers, though, hit the pool with something less of athletic grace but some people skied right through it and made it to the other side where

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